The Inspiration 

Flash Fic #: FF01 

The clamoring of armed men let him know there was no way he'd be able to escape through the gate, especially carrying Jason. If only he had time to get word to the mage, but that regret wouldn't get them back to Cardonis.

Gabriel pulled Jason back over his shoulder and melded into the shadows. Moving slower than he wished, he eventually made his way to the stables. This time of night, no one would be there. It was only a matter of saddling a horse and keeping the beast quiet, and he was ready to make their escape.

Mounting the stallion, he pulled Jason on behind him. The man seemed to be stirring, which was both good and bad. He could bring unwanted attention should he make too much noise. The quicker he got them away, the better.

Luck was with them, and the side entrance to the keep was blessedly unguarded. Gabriel guided the mount off the cobblestone path and moved into the treeline. The horse was surefooted, and even in the dim light of the moon through the trees, he was able to put distance between the castle and Jason.

The mission was a mixed bag of success and failure. While Jason was able to get the information they needed to counter the upcoming attack, the price he paid...Gabriel didn't want to think about that. He had to get his lover examined to make sure the antidote to the poison was effective.

If something happened to Jason, he would take Castle Domina apart stone by stone to get to Ranier and mete out his vengeance.

His thoughts dark, Gabriel almost missed the tightening of arms around his waist. Almost. Soft lips caressed the back of his neck, and all thoughts of the Dark left his mind. 

 Flash Fic #: FF02

Jules watched the nomad, Omar, cheat his way through a game at the far table.

Jules moved, a small hand on his arm stopping his advancement. He raised an eyebrow at his sister.

"Jules, no. He plays for keeps and will surely know that you are above his leveling. I can't protect you from him here, my magicks are stifled."

He took her slender hand in his and raised it to his mouth, kissing it gently. "Be calm, dear little one. It is for-spoken that Omar will know me when I come for him. So he'll already be versed on my leveling." He unattached his sword from his tunic and handed it to his sister. "Hold this for peace of mind. Without my weapon he cannot rightfully challenge me."

He left his sister for the far table, weaving between the heathens imbibing too much in the drink.

He won't follow the rules, sword or no.

His sister's voice fluttered through his head. He turned and smirked at her. Even without her telepathic ability, his kin knew his thoughts. Jules never followed the rules either, not when so much rode on the outcome. He glanced at Omar. And not when he had a personal vested interest either.

Thankful she couldn't reverse her powers, she wouldn't approve of what his body was contemplating with their mark. Jules shifted his hips to resettle his lengthening cock.

Omar eyed Jules by his table and picked up the eight rough chiseled stones, tossing them. They landed skins from the edge in front of Jules.

"So you've finally shown yourself barbarian? You come to play?"

Jules picked up the winning pebble and squeezed it between his fingers. The sound of it cracking silenced the whole area.

"You are exactly who I want to play with, Omar."

Flash Fic #: FF03

Gunnar slightly turned his head and look at the barbarian who challenged him.

“Really? You want to play that game with me?” He asked with sarcasm. “You think you can beat me?”

The other man grunted in response and took a step forward. 

“Well, if I’m going to fuck you, you could at least tell me your name.”

“What makes you so sure that you’re gonna be the one who’ll do the fucking?” the barbarian growled. “You’re not very tall, or built. I eat two like you every morning,” he said with a coarse laugh. 

Gunnar had to agree. The man was built like a mountain, his muscles rippling under the wolf skin that partially covered his torso. His hands looked like two hammers and he bet they could hurt as much, if not more. But he had one advantage; he could move faster. 

“Well, you asked for it, pussycat,” Gunnar said with a grin. 

“Are you crazy?” Ulrich, Gunnar’s best friend, whispered in his ear. “This monster has never been defeated. Don’t tease him like that or he’s going to tear you apart!”

“Do you have so little faith in me, Ulrich?” Gunnar whispered back. “Hey, pussycat!” he said louder. “You’re a virgin? I’m really going to enjoy popping your cherry. Come here kitty, kitty!”
The barbarian roared as he threw himself on Gunnar who evaded him with agility.

“Oh yes, pussycat, I’m really going to enjoy fucking you,” Gunnar repeated with a hint of lust in his voice.

Flash Fic #: FF04

I entered his world with his first kiss. He never asked my name, he grabbed me by the hair, then the neck and kissed me again. I had a choice his marauders or the vampire clans. I opted to go with him.

A witch is like a parasite, we live off the energy of others. He emanated strong energy and fucking him would improve my powers.

He took me onto his horse and road to his encampment. He held onto me as I slid off the horse, how did he know I wouldn’t run.  He came at me pushing me into his tent, and his lips were on me again.

He knew I was a witch and fucking me would improve my powers. He wanted a son I agreed it seemed like a fair exchange.

My robes slipped off my shoulders and to the floor letting his eyes gaze at me. The mother of earth, wind and fire had been generous bestowing a body upon me all men desired. I watched as he ripped at his clothing, rendering himself naked. He was a luscious site of male perfection. His cock was hard and ready and it would quench my fierce need. I dropped to my knees and sucked his hard erection into my mouth.  One bead of his juices hit my tongue, my strength increased.

His hands grabbed my shoulders and eased me onto his bed of blankets, his mouth immediately at my pussy. He licked, sucked and tasted me to my first orgasm.  Then he mounted me, spreading my cunt wide, his cock large and magnificent. We climaxed in unison, his seed-taking root. I’d give him a son in return for a part of him. My love was instantaneous.  I was now his very world and he mine.

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